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Sleep Tonight (feat. Ulster String Quartet) [Single]

by Robb Murphy

Sat by the window grey clouds up above, will it rain today The worldʼs waking up and I feel Iʼm missing a brand new day I lost my home today I lost my home today I want to take away, take away the night I want to leave behind, all the echoes of the day Donʼt want to be weak, but Iʼm hopeful for this year I will sleep tonight I put on my black jeans open the top drawer, who will I be today An overdone man with to many plans, and a need for change I lost myself today I lost myself today I want to take away, take away the night I want to leave behind, all the echoes of the day Donʼt want to be weak, but Iʼm hopeful for this year I will sleep tonight But maybe, maybe This is hard for us all Maybe itʼs hard for us all Maybe itʼs hard for us all Maybe itʼs hard I am able I am willing I am hopeful I am stronger I am patient I am grateful
And when the sea calls out my name And the moon whispers into my ear Thatʼs when Iʼm bound, bound for your arms Bound for your arms Under the stars over the mountains Open your hands open your heart I feel alone but when youʼre near Iʼm bound for your arms And the wind blows lightly and the rain begins to fall And the whole time Iʼm thinking should I save myself this fall Now Iʼm awake and each time I breath I feel a pin cutting into my body Restless I know I gotta go Go to your arms And the night shines brightly and the mist it starts to fall And the whole time thinking what the hell sure if I fall Over this surge over this panic Home to my love who is waiting my return Restless I know I gotta go Bound for your arms


Robb Murphy releases ‘Sleep Tonight’

The title track from Robb Murphy’s second album, Sleep Tonight featuring The Ulster String
Quartet is being released with the support of The Samaritans. It aims to raise awareness for
mental health and the importance of communication rather than suppressing the condition.
Prescription medication is of course required in some cases, but too often we resort to it as
the only solution. Accompanying the song will be an animated video by Maria Bevcar that
narrates the issues an individual may face in day-to-day life. The video helps to highlight
some of the best sources of help - reaching out to family, friends and experienced

While creating the album Sleep Tonight Robb’s mother passed away unexpectedly. She had
suffered from a mental illness for many years, undergoing treatment with many different
medications but sadly this therapy never provided her with long-term relief from her illness.
The recording of ‘Sleep Tonight’ gave Robb a focus and helped him during this loss.
As the album’s finale, ‘Sleep Tonight’ brings to the forefront all of Robb’s creative endeavors
in a six and a half minute production. This is the last release from the Sleep Tonight album.
Robb is currently working on new material

The animation video will be released at the beginning of Mental Health Awareness week on
the 14th of May. The single is available for pre-release from that date and releases on the 1st
of June. All proceeds will be donated to The Samaritans.

Ralph McLean of BBC- Radio Ulster says, "Robb Murphy is a real talent. His songs are
melodic and magical. He writes from the heart and the results are spellbinding."


released June 1, 2018

Song credits:
The Ulster String Quartet: Danny McCann-Williams - Violin
Sian Hetherington - Cello
Nicholas Rippon - Viola
Thomas Jackson - Violin
Kevin Carlisle - Drums
David Bennington - Bass, trumpet, vocals
Alan Ladd - Piano, String arrangement, vocals
Rick McKee - Electric guitar
Louise Ladd - Vocals
Robb Murphy - Acoustic guitar, vocals
Recorded and produced by Robb Murphy at Mill Valley Studios
Engineer - Alan Dickson
Mastered by Pete Maher
Cover Art by Ronan Reid


all rights reserved



Robb Murphy Belfast, UK

Robb is a singer songwriter from Belfast. The second studio album, 'Sleep Tonight', will be released on Feb 28th 2015

‘”Technically masterful and clear-cut”.... Goldenplec

“Starting as a piece of gentle acoustic pop, with hints of Jose Gonzalez and Damien Rice before cascading into synth-laden electro is no easy task, Robb makes fusing the two seem easy” .... BBC 6 Music

More at RobbMurphy.com
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